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Engaging, informative and pragmatic presentations and keynotes conveying leading edge research and practices for workplace resilience, sustainability, mental health and leadership.

Learn the practice and science of mindfulness from certified corporate mindfulness trainers, mental health professionals, and leadership experts.

Introductory Workshops

What is/isn’t mindfulness? How are Fortune 500 companies bringing mindfulness to their organizations? What is the science behind mindfulness?

Start off on the right foot and introduce the benefits of mindfulness through simple practices and accessible workshops to your organization.


Our experienced corporate trainers help you craft a company retreat experience that you can trust will be a success. On-site and customized to your needs our retreat options bring the practice and science of mindfulness to your setting in an accessible way.


Supporting Research


Effects of mindfulness on healthcare professionals

  • Decreased mood disturbances, including stress, anxiety and fatigue (Rosenzweig, Reibel, Greeson, Brainard, & Hojat. 2003)

  • Helps develop empathy toward clients (Aiken. 2006)

  • Foster emotional intelligence and social connectedness (Cohen & Miller (2009)

  • Increased patience, intentionality, gratitude and body awareness (Rothaupt & Morgan. 2007)

  • Greater attention and self-regulation (Tang et al. 2007)

Client Testimonial

I took away most the active listening - the ability to connect with others and how to loop back and feed a healthy conversation...I feel I have the training to start doing it on my own. That’s definitely valuable for me on a work basis, on a personal basis and relationship basis, and I think it’s going to affect alot of the things I do.”
— Participant, User Interaction Designer

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