Overview of Our Programs

By crafting only 100%, workplace-audience certified materials engineered using business acumen and the latest mindfulness-based program certifications; our industry-leading curriculum development and training team guarantee you contextually relevant workplace-languaging adapted and delivered in any workplace setting.

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Our programs


For Companies

Mindfulness practices and programs for leadership and employee development


For Individuals

Workplace mental health and resilience workshops, emotional intelligence coaching/assessment, mindfulness training


For Community 

Learn about the latest mindfulness workplace trends, programs and innovations. Click here for more information


Build Your Own

"Self-select” modular introductory experiences.


Let Us Assist You

“Let us assist you” approach to your departmental intentions.



We'll Do It For You

“Custom-crafted” corporate culture-based approach to organizational effectiveness.

Did You Know?

By leveraging insights from neurophysiology training, we know that this is one of the most effective tools available for leaders and the workforce. In the workplace, attention is being pulled in so many different directions that we’re forgetting that we have a choice of where to place the attention and where not to place the attention. Mindfulness allows us to reclaim that choice, our mental health and performance.”
— Michael Apollo, RP

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