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Leadership Mindfulness

What is the value of mindfulness and how can it support the organization? What is the science that supports mindfulness? Does mindfulness apply to an executive role? Introducing and implementing mindfulness to the unique needs of leadership development. Through simple and accessible presentations and practices we develop an understanding of how mindful awareness can support leadership well-being, systems thinking, strategic planning, and in cultivating effective relationships.


This 8 session workplace program builds a comprehensive understanding of the science, concept and practice of mindfulness. The program has been delivered to thousands of employees and has been developed through research within these organizations. Program material is based on a firm foundation of current neuroscience, emotional intelligence and mindfulness practice.

The intention of the training program is to develop resilience, workplace engagement and collaboration. The program is open to organizations of any size that is interested in bringing mindfulness to their leadership or employees. Session length and scheduling can be adapted to suit your organization's schedule and make the training accessible on-site or in delivering the program virtually.

We work with organizations to assess the effectiveness of the training program. The training has been shown to impact individuals cognitive abilities, ability to deal with stress and challenging experiences and enhance social and emotional intelligence. To capture these insights we provide access to a number of assessment and surveys to support your companies initiatives.


Bring the benefits of mental health and wellbeing to your organization. Our MindHealth workplace training modules build the ability to understand and respond effectively to mental health challenges at work. Our corporate trainers are registered mental health professionals and we partner with leading institutions to align our offerings to support Workplace Health and Safety programs.

Mindful Coaching

Leadership and skills development with personalized training in mindfulness with a certified mindfulness trainer and coach. Curated training path and customized practices to integrate mindfulness into work and life at an accessible schedule.

*Option to use workplace psychological assessments to support coaching. MGC is registered to use the EQi 2.0 emotional intelligence assessment in workplace, leadership and in 360 reports.  

Workplace Facilitator Training

Develop capacity within the organization to deliver workplace mindfulness programs through facilitator training. This two-year training cultivates the skill to practice mindfulness, understand research-based program structures, and facilitation skill. 

Supporting Research


The Benefits of Mindfulness Training Programs in the Workplace

Within the past few decades, there has been a growing body of scientific evidence investigating the benefits of mindfulness training, the following are some examples:

  • Stress reduction (Hoffman et al. 2010)
  • Significant reduction in anxiety and panic attacks (Miller and Kabat-Zinn, 1995)
  • Reduces depressive symptoms and rumination (Chambers et al. 2008)

Participant Testimonial 

The atmosphere was very open. It felt non-judgemental from the teachers and group. I enjoyed the group sessions with sharing your opinion and journey with various partners. I genuinely felt like I learned and was able to apply and generate interest from peers and family and friends about the course and what I have been able to learn and experience with the classes and exercises.
— Participant


How Mindfulness Helps Leaders Lead

What mindset is needed to lead a transformation? In this keynote at the Bell Network Leadership conference, Michael Apollo shares the practice and research of mindfulness for executives and workplace leaders in the midst of transformation. Click here to watch the presentation.


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