Leadership and talent development programs proven to create optimal engagement, workplace resilience and collaboration.

We design and research executive mindfulness training to support knowledge workers in high pressure environments. Our experienced team of corporate trainers and mental health professionals have provided leading organizations the unique opportunity to introduce optimal ways of using the mind in the workplace by adapting the training of mindfulness for a corporate environment. 

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Micro-Learning, In-depth Training & Coaching, Intensive Retreats.


Accessing Mastery at Work



First Beginnings


Phase 1  | In-Depth Training & Coaching

  • Intensive emotional intelligence and mindfulness training program
  • 4 Sessions, 6 Sessions, 8 Sessions or 10 Sessions
  • Custom curated to organizational needs
  • Custom scheduling paired with coaching
  • Digital resources, workbooks, guided audio

Practical Applications

Applying the training at work

Phase 2  | Micro-Learning Intensives 

  • Mindful Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Team Collaboration                                
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Stress Management and Resilience
  • Working in Systems, and more.
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Workplace Integration

disseminating knowledge

Phase 3  |  Integration

  • Team dynamics - facilitated team training
  • On-boarding mindfulness via Learning Management Systems
  • Talent Management & Retention
  • Leadership Training (Focused Executive)


Going deeper

Phase 4 |  Intensive Exploration & Coaching

  • Training workplace facilitators          
  • Individual, Team and Organization Assessment
  • Professional workplace coaching      
  • Full-day and multi-day retreat on and offsite
  • Mindfulness training intensive
  • Change Management
  • Strategic Renewal

Learner-centred Program Design

By connecting with internal processes that work and your employees needs, we customize programs to build essential workplace skills that sustain.

Strategic Planning

We believe that the concept of mindfulness should seamlessly integrate with your corporate culture. We prioritize simple yet foundational milestones to make this happen.

Research-based Training

We believe that anyone can connect with the benefits of mind-training. By curating select research and mindfulness practices from neuroscience and social psychology our highly experienced trainers build the motivation for programs, and the employees that take them, to succeed.