We know that when properly trained, mindfulness sustained by leaders and others is the most effective workplace-culture tool available today.


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What We Do

We deliver, research and sustain workplace mindfulness and mental health.

To do so, Mindful Gateway offers modular mindfulness pathways and mental-health programs in the financial services, healthcare, education, technology, non-profit and government workplaces.

Anyone can benefit from the practical learnings provided through our training if you work in a general public-facing role, administrative, executive or leadership capacity, or an internal or external call centre.  Mindful Gateway's expert training team know the right ways to approach and engage different and often skeptical workplace audiences.



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We’ve helped hundreds of public and private-sector organizations bring mindfulness to their leadership, workforce and workplace culture.


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Your source for workplace mindfulness and mental-health.


Meet The MGC Team 

Our senior corporate trainers customize programs to meet the needs of organizations in order to ensure uptake and the outcomes they are seeking.


Not Sure Where to Start? 

Learn more about the latest up to date techniques currently available to meet your needs and those of your employees.

Did You Know?

Mindful Gateway can create for you a new, improved or redefined workplace culture. A culture defined by measurable and scalable mindfulness programs designed to plant, cultivate and sustain the hard and soft-skills of emotional self-regulation and co-regulation that successfully enable a positive people-focused workplace to flourish.”
— Michael Apollo, RP

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